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Forgive me father for I have sinned against you. What I did was a bad thing and it was wrong of me to do it. I am on the pill Father, but I am still worried I may fall pregnant. Please prevent me from pregnancy as You know I am not ready for a child. Please, Lord, forgive me...

by Marriammu

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The pill is not sin, cuz it prevents conception, please don't let no one tell you That, and I'm a man telling you that, after conception to aboard is sin

airwood [email hidden from spammers] ><> | on Oct 05, 2010

And I should say the daily everyday pill

airwood [email hidden from spammers] ><> | on Oct 05, 2010

The pill is not sin but sex is if it is outside of marriage. I'm not yet married. I am though engaged. We did the
deed and I'm worried that the pill may have failed as
contraception. I'm young and not ready for a child

Marriammu | on Oct 05, 2010

Remember, give all your worries to Christ. The Lord will be with you no matter what. God bless :)

faithful | on Oct 05, 2010

Thank you.

Marriammu | on Oct 05, 2010

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