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So if we have sined, and done bad things in our life, do we not get accepted into the kingdom of heaven, knowing that we already accepted the lord as our savior. I don't get this whole judgment day thing?

by amber

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Everyone that accepts Jesus and turns away from sin will enter heaven. But the hypocrites won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The whole point if Judgement Day is that Jesus will judge every single one of us of everything we did in this life. You can't accept Jesus and continue to sin. Or else you won't enter heaven. And if you sin, ask for forgiveness and turn away from sin completely. God bless

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2010

We are saved by our love and faith in Jesus Christ. If you have faith you have obedience. Of course your going to struggle with sin, we all do but if you truly love God you will try not to. Faith equals obedience. Read the bible check out the book of Romans. Romans helped me understand what your asking. Good luck and get to reading, all your answers are in the "Book". Seriously read Romans its in the new testiment in the back of the bible. God bless

*Process In The Making* | on Oct 04, 2010

Jesus said that not everyone that calls Him Lord will enter heaven. He will say to some I never knew you, depart from Me ye that work iniquity.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2010

I'm scared now, because I have not read the whole bible and not have been in church for awhile.

amber | on Oct 04, 2010

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