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My heart is broken and once again I have fallen for a man that isn't ready for a women like me. Sometimes I feel discouraged because I'm lonely, I'm trying to live right and I don't want to settle for less because I wasn't patient enough to wait. Lord give me strength because I just want true love, I'm tired of crying and feeling hurt. Shield me from the heartache and fulfill my needs to ready me for my match. Lord I'm ready! Use me!!

by Anonymous

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I understand how you feel. I was the same as you. God has sent me my husband and He will send you the man right for you. Be patient and work on being the best person you can be. He will come when the time is right. God bless you.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2010

Sister, I am praying for you as I am all too familiar with your situation. I spent years with the wrong man & have been alone for 2 years. I am ready for love again but I want it to be who the Lord wants for me. I pray for patience & trust for us & that when we will lonely we will feel love from the Savior! Love you!

2blessed2stress | on Oct 04, 2010

I know it is rough to be single. To have love and no body to give it to. I know it sounds corny, but date God. Give him ALL your love and he will reward you IN DUE SEASON. Love y'all and praying for you!

RobHash | on Oct 04, 2010

Guard your heart above all else. :) keep your head high and stay strong.. Your not alone..

hannahclair | on Oct 04, 2010

Thank u all for ur comments, I was in tears reading the support posted by all of you. I never imagined that this appt would hv such a impact on my life. Thank you lord, I am strengthened from the strength of others. God bless you all

chayil* | on Oct 04, 2010

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