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Dear lord, here I sit again asking for your guidance and help, I spoke with my childs school this morning and got more references and called around for asssistance.i guess it looks like we are going to have to move, still no work found for my husband. He checked on applications and applied more places.I called shelters and none near me can offer help.there's 1 shelter but we would have to be split up as a family they only had room for 3 people. Dear lord what do I do?i don't want us to be separated right now when we really all need one another. And what do I do about school for my children? We only have until wednesday and then we have to be out this weekend . We have no $ for storage so we will lose all we have. I don't know what to do I'm lost..i feel so down and so alone. My children need me and I feel so helpless. Dear lord..please help me and my family. We are running out of time and resources.. We need guidance lord... Plz hear our prayers... Amen

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I was out of work for 17 months and in this time God looked after me it was difficult numerous times i was very angry with God and people feeling alone rhis was my perception due to the stress and strain. God further requested that my wife and i have children. We did what God asked a month before the child was born God provided a well paid job we had a few weeks to relocate city. The city that God put us in was were my wifes sisters were . Who were instrumental in bringing the child up. God does things in His own time and shown above He does not let his children down. Trials and tribulations are part and parcel of our faith. Be strong and lastly may the awesome power of God go before righting all wrongs. Have faith sister.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2010

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