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Life has become very complicated. I try to do what is right, to be led by the Spirit. My education is logic and reason. Yet when I think on issues, I come to the wrong conclusions. On the otherhand, when I react and go with my gut, its wrong also. I've obligated myself to actions that seemed so secure and right before. Now, I don't know. Its not like buying a car or even deciding if I want frys or onion rings. My job has real long lasting effects for my clients. They look to me for answers. And right now I don't have any. And my personal life? It has all the makings of a great and classic train wreck. And yes, I am a Christian. I call Jesus Lord and savior. I love God with all my heart. I see His love daily. I feel his presence often. I teach His word almost daily. And right now I have a lot of questions and fear. I don't know how many of you can understand or relate. So please join my in prayer for wisdom and guidance. I need protection, and would love understanding. Chasen me if necessary, correct my paths. Forgive my iniquities. Lead me through this time. I'm so overwhelmed its crazy.

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Once we allow doubtful thoughts to come into our mind, we allow Satan to have a way into our sanctuary... been thru something similar, although different details... all I can say is, if a though enters,rebuke it... with faith, it will leave. Satan's #1 weapon is humans emotions... we are emotional beings, once he gains control of them, we are lost, spinnin out of control and start to doubt everything.... praying for you,

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Oct 04, 2010

Valerie is right that Satan uses our emotions against us. I am praying you.

HisServant | on Oct 04, 2010

Thank you

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2010

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