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Dear Lord should we pray in our prayer closets in secret and in private where you see it in secret and will reward me openly? Or should I pray in front of the whole world for all to see? The Father himself loves us so let's go straight to Him in private asking Him in Jesus' name in faith and it will be done through faith and patience. Amen

by Anonymous

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Help me see the meaning of all this. Are we asking each other for prayer or we're just praying and wanting others to see our prayers? And for what reason? If you would like someone to pray with you just ask them. Say,"would my brothers and sisters in Christ please pray with ".

LeoDsaint | on Oct 03, 2010

You don't have to pray in front of the whole world. Either you request prayer or you don't. The Word of God says to pray for one another and agree in prayer

Anonymous | on Oct 03, 2010

We are instructed to near one another's burdens, when we post on here, our prayers may show someone how blessed they are, they can teach someone an important life lesson, they can give encouragement, and someone may read it and relate to the things being said, and give words to keep our faith up, or give advice, if they went thru similar trials... if we prayed only in private, we would become selfish, worrying only about OUR needs, and then we would lose sight of the fact that we should help each other through tough times, and worry about other's problems as though they were ours.Jesus did that...

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Oct 16, 2010

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