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Ok, I know this isn't about god but I need some help. Today this really cute guy asked me for my number and I said no. The reason why I said no was for one I didn't know him and my parents wouldn't like me texting a complete stranger. But I feel bad, he was so cute and felt like I was kinda mean like I think he thinks that I thought he was ugly or something. I won't see him ever again! Please give advice and some comfort because I feel depress, I seemed really nice and he was so cute. Sorry this isn't a prayer, but need help. My mom died and I really need some advice. I'm only thirteen do u thinks its too young to start to give out a phone number or date? I'm home schooled so that's why that was my first situation.

by kk

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Sweetheart you are so young and at such a innocent don't have to worry about talking to guys right now and just because he looked nice doesn't mean that he was...looks can be deceiving you can't trust someone because they look nice....focus on school you have plenty of time to think about boys...if you think his feelings were hurt you can always pray for him

Gr8ful 4 Grace | on Oct 03, 2010

I agree with grace. Social networks are better to share as they are a bit safer, but ur emotions are developing and u really need years of learning to control them and make choices on logic and wisdom to balance. Just finds friends that u can safley know and develop lasting friendships. Us guys get over let downs. Ur not a bad person for that, just a smart one that listen to her gut feeling. Stay strong u have a long and young life to enjoy. Just seek Gods wisdom and learn from every choice u make so not to be in vain. Stay sweet. Jmho

the highroad | on Oct 03, 2010

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