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Father, i surrender my marriage inti Your hand. If it is Your will that my marriage shall be restore, then please keep me patient. Lord, it is Your will that matter. I surrender. I surrender. In Jesus name, amen.

by HAJ

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Please stay encouraged, sounds like your down . God hear your prayers. Fast, it seems like every time I do I get stronger and hear God clearer.

Eagerly Learning | on Oct 03, 2010

Thank you Sister, to be honest, I feel discourage. But I know deep in my heart I desire for the restoration to take place. If it is God will, we will definitely make it through. If it is God will...

HAJ | on Oct 04, 2010

Your right, if its God will, but what have God been telling you? You go with that. And be encourage in everything knowing that God has your back and will do what's best. But only you know what God has told you if he told you fight and pray for your marriage that you fight and get encourage cause God is working on your behalf

Eagerly Learning | on Oct 04, 2010

Yes, He keep telling me to be hopeful. To be patient. He will restore my marriage. I have faith that it will happen. But at times, especially when I'm vulnerable I feel like taking a break and rest... But thank you for the words of encouragement, it give me courage, strength and renew my hope so that I will persevere on:) thank you sister. Same for you, don't be too hard on yourself, allow yourself take a break and be rejuvenated so that you can find strength to pull yourself and family together. I will continue to uphold your marriage in my prayers:)

HAJ | on Oct 05, 2010

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