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Glory to Go in the highest! The king of kings, lord of lords, the wonderful great messiah, the precious lamb of God! The prince of peace, I exult ya name almighty God, I lift ya name up on high, I magnified ya name, I glorified ya name almighty God. I Thank you for your mercy almighty God, I thank you for the cavalry lord, I thank you for the blood that you shed for me, I thank you for saving me. Lord, I pray for wisdom and knowledge almighty God, I pray to overcome fear almighty God, I pray for to stabilize my mined almighty God, sustained me almighty God, build a shield around me with your holy blood, saturated me with your anointing almighty God, protect me from, evil spirits, evil forces, demon forces, principality and powers, give me strength in my weakest tower, help me build my faith more, heal my heart Jesus! Increase me, sanctified me in the name of JESUS CHRIST

by jeff

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Jeff. God hears our prayers. If you. Believe in the. Word and know that. He doesn't. Lie. Then stop worrying. God is in control. Any difficulty. We may have. Is only temporary. If you look. Back. Over. The times. In your. Life. When. Times. Were. Tough. And. U made. It through
Remember. That. God. Was there. For u then. Ad. He is now and. He loves. U so very much. U are. His special. Child and u know. How pro protective. Good parents' are towards. Their. Children. Be blessed. And stop. All that worrying.

Anonymous | on Oct 03, 2010

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