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Where are you God? I suffer with a mentally ill wife. Who has pulled me to dewp depression. I feel suicidal now where are you? My wife suffers and my children suffer. The children that you wanted us to have. They suffer greatly why God? Why did you bring them into the world at least i could have ended my life with no worries,

by Bal

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He's closer than your very breath. I suffered from a mental illness since I was a kid. I felt like I was going crazy and wanted to end my life. But when I met Jesus, I asked for a healing because I was going insane. I would fall into depression and didn't know what to do. So when I continued to pray my mind started feeling normal again. God knows what I went through. I cry sometimes because no one understood me. Everyone just looked at me like I was some kind of freak. But Jesus healed me. He can heal your wife too. Just pray and believe.

Anonymous | on Oct 02, 2010

Bal, you and your family were not joined and created to suffer. I say this with love...stop believing God is punishing you. He is not. You have not faced the truth. The truth is that you cannot control the world, your wife, or what happens to them. Your pain comes from trying to control something That only God can. Take a deep breath into your stomach. Keep your chest still. The pain of this moment will ease a bit and you can think better. Then you will see what God wants of you. I can promise you it is not to turn away from him by taking your own life. You can handle this. It is why God is choosing this momentand circumstance for you. To teach you and to help not only you but also those who need your clarity and strength. I pray you see that God is already with you. Take his love and pray to see the strenght he has already given You.

chris | on Oct 02, 2010

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