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Is it possible for God to stop loving us? Is it possible that we could lose our salvation? The enemy has put stuff in my head and now im so confused. I feel so much despair because of this.

by Anonymous

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Don't listen to that stuff in ur head. If it gets to much remember that u have the church, u have ur friends and family and now u have me and my family and church to pray for u and we don't quit. May God bless u and lift u up.

Chris J. | on Oct 02, 2010

God never stop loving his children honey he is testing your faith, love him more.he is great

your doughter k | on Oct 02, 2010

I understand completely sometimes we feel that he's not there but all the while he's holding us in his arms making us better. Remember through struggle comes strength.

Anonymous | on Oct 02, 2010

Your thoughts can be your worst enemy and they can destroy your faith. Use that inner voice that tell your heart that God love you and he with you in every heartbeat and every tear you shed. Don t let your thoughts trap in a box of what ifs. That the enemy testing you and he see opening to enter your thought to make you doubt. This is time you pray through the good and the bad God guard your heart and thoughts. I know this for a fact because it was my junior year of college I question and doubt. I took the time out but God grab me from those thoughts that I seem to trap myself.only because I believe him everyday I pray it got better that voice inside me got stronger. You stronger did u think.

almost there kindheart future pt | on Oct 02, 2010

How could God stop loving us when the Bible says that he died for us while we were still sinners, the Jesus also says to love your enemies, the bible also says that nothing can separate us from the love of God and that no one can pluck us from his hand. However we know that God is willing that none should perish, but we know that right now there are people in hell stuck for eternity. WHat about us? Could that happen. Yes, becausr remember Jesus said "narrow is the way". Now if you arfe truly saved you are dependent only on the blood of Jesus to save you and not you "good" works to outweigh the bad. That said, how do we know we are still saved. Well, did you repent and truly turn from your sin when you "asked Jesus into your heart"? Some preachers foolishly neglect this part, but the Bible is clear that we must repent by turning from every thing we know to be sin. Next, when you do sin, do you feel a tug in your heart before not to do it? And a conviction to change after you mess up or do you only feel condemnation? Feeling a strong conviction. Inside to change is an indication of the Holy Spirit being insise you. ie. Ypu are saved. Now it does talk in Glations about willfully keeping on practicing sin and not inheriting the Kingdom and in Hebrews as well, when we keep on willfully sinning. Willfully sinning is when we actually make allowance in our lives for things we know are sin. But if we truly are trying not to repeat those sins, we are not in that category. Ie. Pray for help... not just after you mess up for the 100th time. That's just trying to cover yourself! But dilgently seeking God to show you the truth to set you free everyday BEFORE you mess up. I hope this helps a bit. The fact that you are concerned is a really good sign by the way :)

Charlene | on Oct 02, 2010

You can't loose your salvation only fellowship with the Lord which.can be miserable. You just ask.him to draw near he will. Your name wont get blotted out. Just stay in prayer and bible daily. Hugs!

saved-by-gods-grace | on Oct 02, 2010

The scripture ashes nothing can separate us from the love of God. Reach out and look up u'LL SEE HE NEVER LEFT YOU..JUST BELIEVE HIM RESIST THE ENEMY AND HE WILL FLEE.

Anonymous | on Oct 02, 2010

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