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Father, can we just call you Father for a sec., instead of being religious and phony. I just wanna talk to You Dad. Exactly one year ago, I was right here, where I stand today. RIGHT. HERE FATHER. Heart-broken, anguished.. feeling used and tossed away. Why am I here again.. after all the strength You gave me last year.. after fasting for so long and literally being in Your prescence Lord, how could I?..I didn't consider You in going back to the same relationship with a man who has no conscience. A man who i KNEW was not living in the Word yet carrying nothing more than a title of "christian". Father, You were there, tugging at my heart.. tugging at my soul, since my head was in the air and my brain is so stubborn, You chose to whisper Your love and direction straight to where I heard and I was too coward to face the inevitable. Man, how could I be so negligent?????!!!! How Father!? I went against Your call to leave, so many times--but I ignored and kept "hoping" he would change. Now, I've been tossed away like a OLD OLD candy wrapper, spit on and humiliated by the same man who I was told to leave by my Father. I was sucha coward--afraid to leave--afraid to remove the cancerous man out of my life. And now the rehab process is so incredibly painful-- I know I wake up in the morning because of You.

I give it all away. I give it ALL away. Its not worth playing Your role anymore. You are God and God alone and You know best. I trust You-- I give it all to You-- my dreams, my desires, my pain, my broken heart, I give it to You to mend--not a drink or a smoke. I give You my ex-boyfriend. I forgive him for all the pain, the lies, I give him to You now and want my heart to rest. I give You my family, my parents, I lay their dreams and desires at Your Feet. You love us and will give us everything--once we've searched Your Heart-- Your kingdom-- We will receive double portion for our former trouble. Lay my finances at Your Feet, and declare Your Hand over my finances-- You will restore and I lend and not borrow.

Precious name of Jesus .... The Lamb. The Son of God--who laid His innocent life for a WRETCH like me.


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I must say that was some message you wrote there actuaaly i thought it was beautiful & very strong & powerful. You said it all. The way to God is to trust & have faith in him. In Matthew 7:7 it says Jesus is the way the truth & the life & boy is that the truth. I have a prayer email set up for people tosend me their prayer requests & i will answer them back by me praying for them. My prayer email is [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday no matter the hour. Please do not get discourage if i don't answer you right away it just probably means that i'am busy, but just know i will always get back to you. I will be praying for you. God Bless You! In Christ Jesus, Danielle

Danielle- Sunshine In God ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Oct 02, 2010

You absolutely touch my heart with your sincerity. May God bless you

Anonymous | on Oct 02, 2010

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