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Please pray for my situation...there is a guy that I have feelings for, and he is very close to the Lord, but I have very very low self esteem, and I constantly think he would never love me.... and I've been praying that if these feelings are just confusion,****,or anything not from God, for Him to take them away, but they seem to be getting stronger....also, he hasn't actually talked to me, but my friends know him from church, and he always sits near me when they visit my church, I am just so lost on this.....thank you for prayers, God bless

by valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesu

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The word that is bleep is l u s t

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Oct 01, 2010

It is really good that this guy is close to the Lord. But what about you? Are you close to the Lord? If i were you i would pray & seek the Lord & make sure that this is the right gut for you. But i must tell you that sometimes it is hard to find a guy that loves the Lord. If you would like me to pray for you i have a prayer email set up for people to send me their prayer requests & i will answer you back by me praying for you. My prayer email is sunshineingod4ever@ & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. Please do not get discourage if i don't answer you right away it just means that i'am probably busy but just know that i will get back to you. I will be praying for you. May God Bless You! In Christ Jesus, Danielle

Danielle- Sunshine In God ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Oct 01, 2010

Thank you ma'am.but like I stated earlier, I constantly pray for this matter, but the feelings. Are just getting stronger...and I don't see him very often, but I still have those feelings, and I'm sure you have a very large list of prayer requests, so if you could just say a quick prayer, I would really appreciate it...

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Oct 02, 2010

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