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Lord what do I do with my spouse that doesn't know how to express his feeling towards me.. I feel like were slipping away and its only because he says.less and less to me. He claims that he doesn't know how to express his feelings but when he is around his family he becomes this.other person. That just can't shut up, and is the center of.attention..meanwhile when its just us he's always talking bout how bad things r and how.he wants to change his life..I think that he is happiest with them than with me and fifteen yrs is a long time to b with someone if u don't feel or really want to spend the rest of.ur.days with him or her. Will the day come that.he will say to me this is it, I'm happy with someone else u were just my stepping stones to get to where and with whom I really want to be. Then what? Were does that leave my last fifteen yrs of my life that I Wii never get back. Why?? Because I waited like the good wife , like someone that was hopping for the best and only got a swift kick in the a**. I guess this where I place my other cheek . And move on.

by rosa

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Hang in there Rosa, when we worry about the future, it causes anxiety and that can cause us to feel hopeless. Just maybe your husband is being honest with you and putting on a show for others.... Maybe consider counseling...? God loves you and I imagine that the 15yrs have

God is LOVE | on Sep 30, 2010

Not been a total waste full of bad times. Blessings,

God is LOVE | on Sep 30, 2010

Start looking for the best in life. Wake up everyday saying that this is going to be a good day. Regardless of what is going on, you can still have a good day everyday. Just confess it and keep on going.

Delivered | on Sep 30, 2010

Honey what I am learning to do more and more everyday. Is to thank God for where I am and trying to figure out what he wants me to pull from this season of my life. Its hard to be that way but just know that he is faithful and just. In every season there is a reason! Pray for him and his heart because its powerful and God is the only person that can transform a heart.

Anonymous | on Sep 30, 2010

Thank u so much for giving me ur different views. I appreciate u all for helpping me pray for my situation, and ur advise.

rosa | on Sep 30, 2010

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