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Dear God,
I need u right now,im feeling so down right now! A man that i loved,NEVER loved me is coming around! I just want him to stay away from me!! God u know how he made me feel,self esteem low,cheated,verbal abuse & i just want him to stay away! Im real lonely right now & i am at a place where im trying to be positive & every1 is getting married & i do wanna a relationship but i will NOT go back!! So i pray to u God to please,please keep him away from me,thats nothing but a negative spirit in him. In Jesus name i pray..AMEN

by LRC

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remember God never fails you :)

Anonymous | on Sep 27, 2010

God will guide u, u have a great. Head on ur shoulder.S I pray that I can rationalize. Like u

lavander | on Sep 27, 2010

Girl loneliness is a dangerous thing, don't do it! Don't even talk to him he up to no good, back to break yo heart again , it will b worse, save yoself the heartache of having to ask God y this is happening and wanting God to fix it, send that fellow on bout his business I been alone and celabit since 1999

grateful*n*ohio | on Sep 27, 2010

I truely wanna thank u all for your prayers,I really need them right now.especially to u grateful*n*ohio,I really think I clung to him cause my man had got killed in 06 & he was so nice @ 1st but u know the devil eventually reveals his self,I want him to stay away from me

LRC | on Sep 27, 2010

I'm praying for you and so happy that you are staying strong. I don't remember where this came from but it goes something like this, "God is a jealous God, he doesn't want you to put any man before him." I pray that you can resist being lonely and that one day you will find a good man.

Amy | on Nov 10, 2010

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