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Dear God,

I just turned 12, and I'm homeschooled. Lord, I have this fear of growing up. I don't know why, but I get really sad whenever a birthday of me or my brothers come up. Anyway:)
Going to try to post every day, because I'm really trying to get
Closer to you each day.
I said a Rosary today for the people in the Confraternity and so that I will have relief from thoughts of starving myself (to get thinner, God help me) ; I'm actually at a perfectly healthy weight, so God, plz help me to refuse the devils temptations and thoughts that I am not skinny/thin enough. Also, I said a decade of the Rosary on my knees with hands outstretched and eyes closed (eyes closed to keep out distractions and to focus on nothing but God), dedicated to thank God for all my blessings. I know it's not enough at all, but trying to add on each day.
***Challenge of Tuesday****
the challenge of Tuesday is to pray an extra Rosary. Hopefully I will achieve this challenge! :]
----Challenge of the Week----
The COTW is to obtain more patience. Try to be more patient and keep from saying bad words when frustrated!
:::::Virtue of the Week::::
*looks up* patience! :)

Prayer intentions:
1. For me, that my soul will become pure and clean in the eyes of the Lord. To keep from sinning, and also that my injured foot be healed:)
2. For my deceased Grandma and all her loved ones. She died in August:(
3. For my mom and my aunts, so that they may be comforted by God's undying love.
4. For my grandpa, that he will recover from Gma's death, and live a long, holy life.
5. For my 3 brothers, that your light will always brighten their paths and sin no more.
6. For my dad, so that he will be comforted inn these stressful financial times, and always love and follow you.
7. For all the souls in Purgatory and hell, that they will be comforted by God's heavenly love.
8. For all the poor people everywhere, that the last will be first in your merciful eyes.
9. For the whole world, that you may bless every person in it.
10. For my vocation, that whatever it is, you will pick it for me.
11. For my future, that my husband will be Catholic, loving, and the best father to my children.
12. For my future children, that they will all be born healthy and happy, and blessed before your eyes.
13. For everyone reading this and for everyone else's prayer intentions. :)

Goodnight and God bless you all!!



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