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I cannot stop looking at **** and masturbating. The closer I get to God, the more I seem to do it. I feel like it is the one thing that is stopping me from advancing in my career. Cause if I make it in this acting field, I will have more money and more opportunities to act out on this ****ful behavior. Please please please pray for me. I don't know what to do. My wife us disabled so we don't have sex. I need help. Please pray to the Lord that stop this madness and that HE bless my career so I can provide for my family.

by losing hope

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Dear Losing Hope, boy do i know what you are going through. I have been looking at porn & playing with myself as well, but only because my marriage & my sex life with my Husband has not been what i want it to be. I love to have sex,but looking at porn & playing with myself is not of God. You need to ask God to forgive you & ask him to release you of this so you can do right by God & you can save your marriage. Believe me i have to do the same thing. If you need someone to talk to feel free to call me at (1-818) 795-2751. Not tonight though for I'm about to go to bed, but i felt to answer you because i know what you are facing. But trust me when i say that what we are doing is not of God & we need to stop or we face losing all we have going for us in our lives. I will continue to pray for you on a daily basis. May God Bless You! Sweet Danielle

lost hope | on Sep 17, 2010

You can stop and you will. You are fighting a spiritual battle. This is a demon of lust that you are dealing with.
You need to get into a holyspirit filled church and get some deliverance prayer. Confess to a pastor and become a part of a acountability group. The word of God is your weapon, start claiming and speaking scripture over your life. Fast and worship God. This is not fullfilling the emptiness it is causing more!! Remove the computer or whatever vice you are using. You gave to take action and fight. This is your life and it's being robbed, killed and destroyed through the enemy. Now wake up oh sleeper rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you!

Anonymous | on Sep 17, 2010

That is right you need to stand up tall & put the whole armor of God on or else you are doomed. I will be praying for you. If you need more prayer you can email me at [email hidden from spammers] can do this. Danielle

Danielle- Sunshine In God ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Sep 17, 2010

God bless you in this battle...its a very tough one, but you can best out with Christ at your side.... Will pray for you and your wife as well..blessings,

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Sep 17, 2010

afterthought, the closer you get to God, the harder satan tries to hold onto means he is scared if losing you...which is good...continue getting closer, and any time the lustful thoughts start coming into your mind, rebuke them by the name of Jesus....i can promise it works, just use it with faith...

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Sep 17, 2010

Dear sir, I am disabled as well and my husband finds other ways to channel his desires for me. I know it is difficult but you can rethink your desires for your wife in ways You both will be happy from. I pray God shows you the ways and blesses you both.

Anonymous | on Sep 17, 2010

I understand your pain and agony. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and I finally became disabled, have had numerous surgeries, and our sex life has been on hiatus for some time. You have to have good communication between the both of you and understanding with what you both are coping with. Getting the help from a professional is always good to help you deal with everything in the correct ways.
Your strength in faith is your life line. Grab hold of it and use it daily.

The potter\'s clay in Texas | on Oct 14, 2010

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