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I would like to pay this with luv,
People are sending prayer's in to this app asking for God to do things and your living together having children not married, asking for partner's to come back home not married, you guys need to read the bible about being married and wat God says about it,
Pray first to get right before God before you pray anything else, let's all just be real in the eyes of God, and really repent and turn from our sins, then God will hear from heavens and heal our land,
This is the truth weather you want too hear it or not,
I say this with luv, in Jesus name

by airwood [email hidden from spammers]

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God is not pleased with our ways. We need to do everything His way. Even if it isn't considered the most popular way.

He\'sAlwaysByMySide | on Sep 13, 2010

I think people should pray what's in there hearts and God will show them the way and help them down the right path. God new they were goin to be in the situation they are in and let them go there for a reason. Thank the lord for they can call on Him! He still loves them. Hopefully they will a good bible based church and learn how to pray. Till then i say they keep on talking to him. He will always listen...,

Anonymous | on Sep 13, 2010

We are here to pray for one another, not pass judgement of what we think is just. If you do not see it fit then pray that God delivers them from it. I'm certain that although their flaws are not the same as yours, you have them nonetheless. So how about you "pluck the beam out of your own eye then you may see clearly to take the beam out of your brothers" If you by chance are blameless then go right ahead, otherwise pray for your fellow man as well as yourself so that we all can be made into more of what he would want us to be.

Just_Me_Lord | on Sep 13, 2010

This person is only stating truth. If your not right with God, he wont hear your prayers. He will hear believers prayers.We also as believers need to tell another believer when there wronging .So many people love to throw out verses in wrong context. Study Gods word and you will see his truth.

saved-by-gods-grace | on Sep 13, 2010

One prayer heard will be repentance prayer from unbeliver. Not selfish ones

saved-by-gods-grace | on Sep 13, 2010

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