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Father please send someone into my life. I desire a husband and a life of my own. The loneliness and humiliation of being single is taking a toll on me as a person. Father I don't like the person I have become. Father prepare me to meet the man you want me to spend the rest of my life with.change me from the inside me along the path that I must follow to meet this man. Give me favor in my friends and families eyes, I feel like such a failure in life to them. Give me my self confidence the name of Jesus I pray amen.

by Allangel37

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Two years ago I prayed the same prayer as you, but for a Godly WOMAN, I am a man that had nothing, no job ( I was laid off) no respect for myself. No place that was my own. I was praying and God said to my spirit... Give thanks for 21 days for my provisions, and have forgiveness in your heart, praise me for sending you someone. I did as told. For 21 days I prayed aloud with my parents ( I am 37 ... I was 35 then ) I gave thanks as well my parents... (they prayed for a home) we lived together. About 25 days later I meet my first love from 20 years earlier... I was 15 when I met her and we split up after 2 years of dating because her mom did not want her getting too close to a guy at her age.... but I ALWAYS loved her, always thought of her, and compared every girl I knew to her! God brought us together, after 2 years we have a brand new home only a year and a half old now, new car, a truck, and I have a job making $18 an hour, my wife (Jennifer) makes $25 and hour... God will answer your prayer, but PRAISE him for doing it as it is ALREADY DONE!

Provisions | on Sep 11, 2010

Thankyou for your testimony. You have given me hope. I in a similar position.

Hector | on Sep 11, 2010

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