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Lord, i made a mistake and ive been trying to fix it. I didnt mean to do it, but he wouldnt stop, and i couldnt stop him. All the talk wont stop bout it n my parents dont see me as the same person. Its embaressing to know that everybody knows what happened, and i dint tell em. I just wish it never happened. It feels like i got no privacy, nothing i do is private no more. Everyone gotta know everything all of a sudden. Im just so thankful im not pregnant. Its like my world is falling apart and theres no way out. Ever since me an Jon broke up i feel incomplete. He dint let nobody call me names because of the mistake i made. He dint let nobody hurt me. He dint even let nobody i dint like talk to me because he knew what im goin thru at home and he was always there for me... But now, hes not. I miss him so much! I wish we were back together, but i dont know what happened. I just cant figure it out no more and it hurts. I dont got nobody to protect me anymore. I dont got any one ta talk to. And now that im on crutches i have to stay home im not aloud to go out. It not the same. Please hear me Lord, please. I pray for help.

by Hope

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John is not the christ but the light to "point" to Christ!

Anonymous | on Aug 19, 2010

Have faith. Ill pray for you. Don't worry about the mistake so much because Christ has forgiven you. I know he has forgiven you like he has forgiven me. The Lord loves you and live for him and what he would think, not what others think or believe. Believe it or not, I should take
My own advice. God Bless YOU.

A.B | on Aug 20, 2010

Thank u so much!

Hope | on Aug 20, 2010

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