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Lord, please stop the fighting in my family. I hate it when we fight. It tears my heart in half and breaks me down so much. I just want it to stop, please. Its making me so sad and depressed inside, but i just cant show it. When ever I see my family fighting or my family and I fight it reminds me of all of the times we screamed at each other, just because my parents didnt like something I told them or what i was watching or wanted to do something they didnt like. I dont mean to get them mad, but they get mad over the little things and take all there anger out on me beause my little brother and sister aggervate them. My Dad said I should be respectful of my Mom because she is under a lot of stress. How does he expect me to respect her when shes hurting me so much and she doesnt even bother to ask if im okay or say shes sorry. My aunt taught me a long time ago to laugh to keep from crying. It works, but that dont mean its not hard to do. But I cant seem to laugh about all of this... And I cant seem to not cry about this... Just please, please, please, take away the fighting... I cant take it no more... I just cant.

by Hope

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We are commanded to honor our parents no matter what. During tough times we are told to pray.

Eagerly Learning | on Aug 17, 2010

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