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I have been tempted to cut myself...I'm still trying to pull myself away from it.... so hard.. I know its the enemy... :|

by SaveMeFromMyself

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You don't need to cut yourself to bleed.....CHRIST did that on the cross for you so u woudnt have to.....keep praying GOD heard your prayers....cutting yourself is not his will....draw near to him an those feelings will vanish!

*fOrGiVeN* | on Aug 15, 2010

I know what you're going through. I recently stopped cutting myself. It seemed impossible to stop. Take it one moment at a time. When you feel you want to cut, sit down and breathe. Cry if you have to! Just remember that it won't hurt like this forever. I know it seems like it will, but believe me, it will pass. You just have to keep looking forward. When you get the urge to cut, I want you to think of one thing that makes you happy. Just one thing. You'll get through this. I promise you. I am here for you. Let me know if you need me. I am praying for you! Stay strong love:)

Lana | on Aug 15, 2010

Its so hard... it's been 9 yes doing it... I tried everything to find happiness... now I chose the path of God...I hope its the right one.... sigh...

SaveMeFromMyself | on Aug 15, 2010

You know already that this is the devil's work which is good day u realize that now don't give in, fight it don't fall into the grasping hands of the devil don't let him win. Our father shedded his blood over this land for us so u can't just give up come on praise the Lord, say it in the name of JESUS I shall not fail my father for he's the one who gave you life.

devotedtogod ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Aug 15, 2010

You chose the right path:) God will guide you!

Lana | on Aug 15, 2010

Cutting Yourself!!! In the name of Jesus, Satan you must leave these people's home and go, never to return. The blood of Jesus is the only blood that can comfort you, can heal your pain, can be that strength you need to make it thru a tough situation. Stop this cutting madness. You people are better than that. You don't deserve to hurt! Jesus Paid It All On The Cross With His Blood!!! That's how much He loves us!

MikNic | on Aug 15, 2010

Jesus loves an will get I threw this run to out to him...he cares!

*fOrGiVeN* | on Aug 15, 2010

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