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I have been waiting for my x wife to come back to me after leaveing me for one of my friends for two and a half years i was a bad husband i cheated on her i lied to her and just before she left me for my "FRIEND" i got drunk and i beat her up the nighbors called the cops and i went to jail i was on meth i was on pot i was on crack i smoked heiroion i was high when my daughter Grace was born. But i have changed i work now i have a good job i am sober i pray that GOD will restore my marrige but i dont think that is going to happen. I havent been to our chuch for all this time becouse every one knows what happened. Last sunday i went and every one told me that she got remarried. I dont know what to do any more i only get to see my daughter once a month i wish i could go back and change how i lived my life but i cant i dont hang out with any one all i do is work come home read books and sleep God please help me to do what is right i am so lonely i know i was a demon but you cast out demons and now im free please help me live my life in jesus HOLY name AMEN 777 !!!!!!!!!!!

by Anonymous

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Lord hear his prayer, for he is coming to you with his sins. Please grant him more time with his child,as you want us to spend more time with you for we are your children. Bless this man and his life forgive him lord. Let his life be full of love and happiness. in jesus name, Amen!

chelsey | on Jul 22, 2010

Matthew 7:7 keep seeking God keep going to church keep getting into His word n pray to God for Ur daughter n ask in prayer for God to give u another wife one that u will value n cherish for God sees Ur heart keep going forward brother

mary saved in Christ | on Jul 22, 2010

Keep your head up god will always be there for you. He loves you look to god and focus on him first then he will bring someone into your life to help u. Always remember you are never alone and I pray in jesus name that you stay strong and keep your head up.

cryingbrowneyes | on Jul 22, 2010

Jesus loves you be strong

Ramirez | on Jul 22, 2010

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