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Dear god, as i have told u b4, my dad sexually assaulted my daughter. Now my family has turned on me because i have my dad in jail. I feel like the whole world is against me. Im trying 2 stay strong for my kids, but it aint working. Not 1 person in my family called me 2 check on my kids. Instead they just spreading what happened 2 each and every family member. I cant sleep, i have no peace. Im getting phone calls from my brother and cousin letting me know whats being said. I have at least 160 family members, from aunts and uncles and 1st cousin only, have turned their backs on me. Only 2 of them support me. I have no1 but u 2 talk to. Please help me. They are making me regret putting my father in jail. I shouldnt feel that way, but i do. Our lives are ruined. What should i do, i have absolutely no solutions. Please hear this prayer, if u havent heard any of my other prayers. Cause im about 2 officially be insane. I cant do it alone. And i need you right now, at this very moment. Amen

by lacey

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U should not feel guilty.. he is where he belongs god is with u even in these tough time this will only make u stronger god loves u and ur kids.

Anonymous | on Nov 26, 2009

You did the right thing and keep talking to God that's where you will find strength.

Anonymous | on Nov 26, 2009

For your sanity ask that your brother and cousin not tell you what is being said You did what was right! Your daughter is what matters and I'm sorry your family is to sick to understand that, they need Jesus pray for them and remember God's love for you and know he is pleased with you He is angry about what happened to your daughter

Faith | on Nov 26, 2009

You were right I have a lil girl myself and if I were in ur shoes I would have done the same things...stay strong...I will pray for you...stay strong.

Anonymous | on Nov 26, 2009

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