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GOD, you said if it is asked in your son's name, thy will be done, you will grant us blessings and graces. I beg that you please bless me with a family LORD. A wonderful Catholic husband and beautiful children LORD. Please do not forget me LORD. I wait patiently for my rewards, my blessings, and my graces. I know with all my confidence you'll bless me LORD. I beg you for forgiveness for all my sins.

I thank you for all my many blessings and graces that you've already provided me with and will continue to provide me with. I thank you for each and every day, for all you've bless me with from my inception into this world, for each morning I open my eyes, until you allow me to close my eyes, and everything in between. You are a truly giving LORD.

I am open LORD. I am ready LORD. I am here LORD.

You are truly a wonderful FATHER, wonderful LORD, and protective HOLY SPIRIT.

I love you GOD, my heart is yours, always. Your daughter always. Amen!!!

by i need and love you JESUS my light

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I pray that Jesus brings to you all the love HE has planned to give u and so much more with a loving faithfull family to fill ur heart even more I pray for paitents from our loving Lord as I wait for HIM to send me my live as well, may GOD bless u with overwhelming abundance of grace and LOVE and children and continue to protect ur family and cover u with HIS divine happiness and health !! God bless u !!

ur hmbl svnt | on Jul 15, 2010

GOD Bless you too... Thank you for your prayer and kind words. Hope you are forever blessed and favored. AMEN...

i need and love you JESUS my light | on Jul 15, 2010

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