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Dear God,
First, I want to "Thank you" for your continued blessings that I receive from you...things like just "simply opening my eyes". God I come to you with a particular prayer. A prayer for my partner. You see, we continue to disagree and argue about almost everything. I feel like I continue to seek help for myself and I have change several things...I am not perfect but I do realize the change. Especially with my anger.

Well God, I try to talk to her or try to show her that I am able to get over negative images or negative thinking by simply not feeding into my thoughts or despair; so I am trying to spark up positive thoughts and ideas to replace the negative issues that I struggle with. But God, she gets so defensive about everything now. We have been critical of each other but we both try to overcome that. I am trying to show her that I can be the strong person that I am and I refuse to allow other's to continue to dictate my emotions. IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH NOW. I WANT TO TAKE MY POWER BACK AND I AM LEARNING ABOUT FORGIVENESS. EITHER YOU DO IT OR YOU DON'T! Please come into her heart and put her mind at ease. I don't want to fight and argue all the time. I want US to be at peace. No sarcasm. No name calling. No sleepless nights. I just want to be at peace with myself and I want to enjoy my relationship.

Today something powerful happened to me at my "Mindful group". It was extremely important for me to realize the importance and gratitude for the moment... of "NOW", the "Present". That's all that counts. Help me continue to have patience with her. Please Oh God come into her heart and put her mind at ease.

Funny, I was the one who needed all the prayer before because of my hurt and anger. She always prayed for me. Funny, now I am praying for her...always. Folks- "Life is Truly AMAZING".

Goodnight and God bless...all of you!

by Iliana R.

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