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My Father in Heaven, thank u 4 this day u've blessed me with! Thank u 4 all of my blessings, my family, friends, co-workers, my home, truck, clothes & 4 everything! I may have a lot of struggles in my life but I know it could be so much worse! 2night my heart breaks 4 the people that I encounter everyday at work! I pray 4 the moms, dads, kids, extended families of broken homes! It truly breaks my heart 2 see the damage satan is doing in families! I know it can't be a coincidence that I work in a juvenile & domestic relations court & the actual courthouse where my own divorce took place. I believe u have put me there 4 a very special reason & u reveal ur plan little by little everyday. I pray that u will continue 2 show me what u want me 2 do & how I can help the people I deal with daily! Pls 4give me when I have a bad attitude cuz of how they treat me & 4give me 4 thinking some of the bad things I've thought & said about some people! Help me 2 be more mindful of what I say out loud even if the people aren't around 2 hear it! I need help taming my tongue in every way! I want 2 bless more & not curse or say things that aren't pleasing 2 u! I can't do it without ur help tho! Lord, I pray that u will fight 4 the helpless kids & parents who are trying 2 do what's best 4 families! Provide the legal help that they may need 2 get the best results! I pray 4 the attorneys as well cuz they need ur guidance 2! I pray specifically 4 the mom 2day that I helped who said her child support order was wrong, that her ex was not paying & she is about 2 be homeless cuz of that! U alone know the whole stories better than anyone including the judges & I pray u will make a way 4 her & her kids & provide 4 their needs even tho she's not getting the child support! I pray 4 the judges to seek guidance from u on each case & 2 try 2 always make the best decision according 2 ur will! My heart breaks 4 my own marriage that satan tore apart, but I'm so glad that we didn't have kids 2 cause more havic with support, custody & visitation! My deepest hearts desire, God, is 4 u 2 fill husbands, wives, moms & dads with ur Holy Spirit & reunite the familes satan has tried 2 destroy! I believe in ur miracle healing & restoration of marriages & pray 4 a love revolution in our lives! I pray 4 a resurrection, not just a healing, cuz ur amazing & always do things bigger & better than we can imagine! Abba Father, thank u 4 hearing & answering my prayers!
I ask anyone who needs a miracle restoration of their marriage & family &/or needs help with child or spousal support, custody or visitation of their kids, 2 join in this prayer! I believe God's word when he says, when 2 or more are gathered 2gether & are in agreement in prayer, that he hears us & grants our requests! My God bless all who join in this prayer! I ask all of this in Jesus name ~ Amen!

by Hope Faith & Belief in God

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Very timely and powerful message. Continue to do God will. He will open more doors for you. Take care and God bless you.

Anonymous | on Jul 14, 2010

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