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Have you ever wittnessed a tornado? I have, the sky pulls in to a greenish gray, the air is thick and still, all the noise outside stops, not a bird to be found. The clouds move in tighter, a circular motion starts, the clouds routate, rain and wind picks up the sky dumps down hail as a warning to take cover. The routation in the clouds are strong and a tail starts lowering. It so amazing to see, but just as quick as it came it dies out. distruction and termoil is left inits path. It moves on fast slowly tires itself out until puff its gone and blue skys are seen and birds start to sing.

This is Just how Satan works, he set us up, builds us to temptation, distruction and harm, entices us to spew our words, disregusrd anyone who stands in our way, until we have created the same havic the tornado left in it's path.

The diffrence God understands we are week, we are lambs needing a shapered to save us, he gave us his son who died for our sins so we could have everlasting life!

Satan is powerless over god, he yeilds nothing, so take any negative mind set and disreguard look to the eyes of jesus, he will set you free and give you unending rest and peace

In Jesus name I pray you find your happyness, your calling, and no matter the strugles or hardships you face, just after any storm you face, god will pull you out stronger and wiser he's protection will stay on you and you will arise from your pits calling and believing in you for ever! No strings attached!

Ame! :) god bless u always!

by hope

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Entirely true

Camryn | on Jul 14, 2010

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