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Glory b 2 God this humid mornin...thank u Dear Father 4 our last nites sleep and 4 waking us 2 c another day..once again Father I come 2 u wit sorrow and a heavy heart. 4 tha man I so dearly luv is cheating on me..I listened 2 his voice mails and it broke my heart..I cried 4 a long time and started packing...I left some hurtful msgs on his phone and tore up every poem he ever gave me...and laid tha ring he gave me on top..all I want is 4 him 2 luv and want me Father...pls help me 2 understand y...and give me strength 2 either 4give or move I write this all I wanna do is cry...I guess that's life..These I pray n tha Holy Name Of Jesus..Amen

by brokenhearted

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Comments on this Prayer do I know that pain. I found out in march my husband had an affair. And it still hurts but God is giving me comfort. Stay in prayer and stay strong. I will pray for you.

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 13, 2010

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