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I coma one again like yesterday to ask you to bless and restore my relationship with Gilbert. Please don't let him delete, black, of ignore me from MySpace, MySpace IM,and yahoo. Please restore trust and communication, remind us of the love. Let him know I love him and miss him let him know I still care, im waiting and That I forgive him for e ererything please bring him safe and sound to MD and his family restore our relationship I beg you please take away fears, doubts, whatever if is that's keeping him away. Remind him of our plans to get married please let us be able to please bless and restore our relationship let us have a positive optimistic reassuring conversation I beg you please don't let hi. Delete me of MySpace, MySpace IM OR yshoo or block and ignore me. Please help us start over remind us both of how strong our love is always keep him safe in afghanistan bring him home safe and sound to me and his family. Please also I pray for sister Please be with her help my parents be supportive and understand let everything be okay with the baby. I pray for everyone who needs you also gilbert and i, gabby and gabriel. Ana and Juan, Enid and john and everyone who needs you including Desiree and keola Jen and her husband heather Ashley Pablo Elvis and their fams and everyone who needs you everywhere Please hear us. Keep Gilbert and my family safe from all harm keep Gilbert and I faithful and away from temptation. Thank you because Gilbert has contacted me twice and added me back please don't let him delete me. Thank you for Pablo and I being friends again thank you for all your blessings and forgive us for our sins virgin Mary virgin of talpa St Anthony and all the saints thank you for ministering in my behalf and please continue to Do the same always help me get gods attention Please restore and bless my relationship with Gilbert in Jesus holy name I pray amen

by praying for a second chance

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Do not rely on other people for your happiness. If a person walks out of your life, they have served their purpose and it is time to move on. God will give you the people needed to make you strong and whole and sometimes these people have to go. Pray and Recognize the people who are supposes to be in your life

Saved by his Grace | on Jul 13, 2010

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