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I'm just tired of life it seems like nothings going my way I take two steps ahead and 3 steps back I hate what my life had become and where my life is going just don't understand why I am stuck here and cannot move forward I need s change I'm begging you please change my life I don't no how much longer I can keep this going

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Don't give up we are there now and have been for three years and some days feel like your not going to make it but try to hang in there and try to read psalms it really helps amd remember Gods strength is made perfect in weakness just remeber job he came out with double for his troubles and pray for others in the midst of troubles cause what we need comes back to us if we stay faithful . It's kinda like a movie when the going gets tough the tough get going like Indiana jones and all the obstacles but in the end there is a victory and what an adventure hopefully there are no boulders or spikes in our path :)
God bless


Anonymous | on Jul 12, 2010

I know how feel light bill ,water bill,van payment ,te to get school cloths and it go on.But don't give up God knows he gave us his promises.He said he is our provider.He going through it with us. wanda

Anonymous | on Jul 12, 2010

The other two prayers r right. God don't put nothing on us we can't handle. I always think about Job, God put him through the test. He lost his land, home, cattle children and even was on his death bed. But know matter what he continued to pray and trust in God, even when his sorry wife told him to curse God so he could die. He told her she sounded foolish and she don't even sound like his wife. He didn't have No Doubt that God wasn't gonna wrk it out. God did and gave him more than he had before. I know we tend to look at those who r not serving God and it seems like they r being blessed, but theyr not when their souls r lost and on their way to Hell. I'm struggling to, but I still paying my tithes and offering. God is making away 4 me and He will make a way 4 u! Start thanking him for what he has already given u and will give u in a few months. God bless u and remember What God has 4 u is 4 U. I will continue praying for u and ur family. I love U! Now go in peace!

An Angel Sent By God | on Jul 12, 2010

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