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Dear Lord,
I really need You right now. I am so hurt and sad, i have known Brenda for 5yrs and we just ended everything we ever had. A few months ago Lord we took a chance on being more than friends this is all i ever wanted but it didnt go so well maybe that was a sign from You it took awhile but we became friends again although my feelings for her are more than friends i fell in love w/her and had been for awhile. I was coming up on leaving for my deployment all i wanted was 2 spend more time with her but she saw it different and it just ended. Lord i ask You to help me overcome this and be patient and lead me in Your way. I give You my heart and i will go where u take me. Please friends i need words of encouragement she says she is done for good this time hurts that all those yrs will be gone. In jesus name, i pray

by orlando

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God will heal your him with all your heart. Maybe He wants you to focus on your deployment more. Go into with a clear mind and no distractions. May He wath over you while you are away serving. When you return He will have something better for you. I know its hard because as humans we are not patient and we are not made to fully understand HIS ways.

Anonymous | on Jul 12, 2010

All those years are not gone. If she made you happy and you had beautiful moments together as friends or more, then it was not a waste. God works in mysterious ways. He blesses us in ways we dont always understand but it is always for a reason. Love is never really lost, it just evolves. Your heart will heal in time. God bless.

Elena | on Jul 12, 2010

Thank you both for the words of encouragement I appreciate them greatly. Its just rough for me right now I know I need to let go but I just came seem to get that thought out of my mind that she will be gone forever when she has been a constant for 5yrs. I know all I can do is leave everything in God's hands and expect greatness from Him. I need all the support because I am still in deep hurt and pain because of all this. Again I thank you both and I hope that all your prayers are answered as well

orlando | on Jul 12, 2010

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