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My friends have called a meeting....i jus pray that they can see the Jesus in me and that if i become upset, the Holy Spirit convicts me and i speak words of love! Ive simply grown apart from thz friends....i still love them and want the best for everyone, but they werent good fruit in my life. They dont understand why i put u 1st n my life at such a young age....they dont get why im not goin 2 the club, cussin n fussin, fighting n getting drunk....esp when these were activities i once took part in. Its strange 2 them Lord and i ask that u open their heart Lord...ive tried 2 express that any man thats new in Christ, the Old Man must DIE! They say ive changed b/c i have, but only 2 work 4 ur kingdom n grow closer 2 u Lord. Please let our meeting 2night be one of open minds n hearts, barring all bitterness n mean spirits. In Jesus name Amen!

by WomanAfterGod'sHeart

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Father God give this young lady the courage to countinue to be Biblical correct and not wordly and just let the holy spirit speak for her tonight Lord in Jesus name Amen

Jesus freak | on Jul 11, 2010

Thank you sooooo much, its really discouraging when ppl who were once best friends don't have anything in common anymore b/c I don't go out w/them or do the stuff they do. Really shows what our relationships were built upon. Anyways....thank u again!

WomanAfterGod\'sHeart | on Jul 11, 2010

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