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My hubby n I both had affairs three yrs ago thought we got passed that he slept with two strippers his agreement to me was no **** or strip clubs I found out last three yrs hes looked @ a lot of **** did personal dating paid sites emailed some of these girls recently took a girl out to eat been to strip clubs n lied last several yrs I thought we were OK n lies upon lies came out I now have recent Herpies n he swears hes been faithful he swears he got it frm sharing a water bottle with a student who had multiple women I dont know what to do is it wrong for me to forbid **** n strip clubs n r marriage or seperate? Should I just seperate? Forbid bars since he says he met that breakfast girl @ one he struggling n his faith I got to protect me frm STds I need to set boundaries but scared what's the best thing to do I swear he has a sexual addiction prob I feel like a fool for believe him last three yrs n now feels like a lie he said he lied to keep me n keep me happy any advice I'd appricate it my heart hurts im depressed I have five kids n im confused I know God has a plan im so torn

by stephanie,ky

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Seek counseling for and with him. Pray about the situation and ultimately God will show you what direction to take. Don't be scared or afraid God see's your situation.

Anonymous | on Jul 10, 2010

I know its hard Sis, going through the same situation. My husband looks at Porn, talks to strippers on the internet, gets text messages from women all day long, hides his phone and lies about who calls him. I only know that GOD sees all. And he's gonna make things turn around for the good. Someone suggested, read ...1Peter 3:1. Praying for you also. God Bless

His Life 4 Me | on Jul 10, 2010

Lord, i pray for her spouse. Give him a heart that wants to do what is right and let purity take root in his personality and guide his actions. Open his eyes to the truth of ur word, and help him to see that sex outside pf marriage will never be the commited, lasting, unconditional love that he needs. Let his personality not be scarred nor his emotions damaged by the fragmentation of the soul that happens as a result of sexual immortality. Put a holy spirit alarm in him that goes off like a loud , flashing siren whenever he steps over the line of what is right in your sight. I pray that he resist having sexual relations with anyone other than his partner in marriage. I pray for her that you heal her heart and give her strentgh to move forward in the direction that u already have planned for her. My prayers r with u. In his name i pray.

*faith* | on Jul 10, 2010

I pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom and the strength to deal with this situation and guides your path. I pray that the Lord protects and comforts your family. I pray that the Lord heals you both of herpes & any other affliction. I pray for your peace of mind as well. Thank you Lord for answering these prayers. In your name I pray, amen.

F8ith | on Jul 10, 2010

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