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Dear Heavenly Father, God I lift up my mom to u 2night! She is so depressed & in pain & I don'tt know what to do for her! She's really struggling with getting older, our financial troubles, our over crowded home, too much to do & not knowing where to start, worrying about me, my sister & her girls & just everything! There are times she even questions u! I'm really worried about her & feel so helpless! God please hear my prayer & help us! Ur word says to test u & when we tithe u will fill our store houses to overflowing, yet we are still struggling financially! We've realized we can't sell our house for enough to pay off our debt & have enough to put down on a bigger house & we don't know what to do. My stuff has been in storage for almost 2yrs. We are very thankful to have a home & enough $ to pay our bills, but ur word also says u want to give us more & u don't want us to just get by so why are things the way they are? I'm frustrated & depressed in my own way too, but not like mom today. Please speak to her, comfort her, heal her & just help her, please, Abba Father! I'm stronger than her so use me to bridge the gap & take her depression & pain away. Let me carry her burdens, please! Please show us ur will for our lives! Please bring our family back together! Make a way to bring my sister & her girls back to the states & closer to us! I pray u will also reunite me & my ex husband & restore our marriage! God u know all of our worries & u hear our prayers & I believe u will answer them all! I believe u are going to shower us with blessings & restore what the devil has stolen from us! I believe that ur will shall prevail & u will fight the battle for mom, when dad tries to take her back to court to term or decrease her alimony! I believe u will provide for our needs as u always have! I believe u will give us more than we can imagine so that we can use it to bless others more! Thank u for working behind the scenes for us & for working everything out for our good & ur glory! We give u praise & honor & will share our testimonies of everything u've done for us! Ur word says we have not cuz we ask not, so Abba Father, 2night I'm asking for a lot, but I know u will do even more than what I'm asking cuz u love us so much & want us to be happy! Thank u! I love u my Lord, Jesus my Savior! U are wonderful & truly indescribable!
Lord, please be with everyone on this app & provide their needs & bless them with the desires of their heart's! I pray all of this in ur son, Jesus, holy & precious name ~ Amen!

by Hope Faith & Belief in God

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Lord father help this family take their burdens. Cast them as far as the east is from the west restore unto them a peace which only you can provide.I am in agreement with her Lord where two of more are you are there also ..GOD Bless you

stryper | on Jul 10, 2010

Thank u so much for ur prayer! May God bless u too!

Hope Faith | on Jul 10, 2010

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