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I pray That you watch over, protect, and restore my relationship with Gilbert. Please I beg you restore our relationship. Thank YOU for the countless blessings YOU have blessed us with. I pray you continue to bless us always. Thank you for giving my dad work all this week please let him be able to work everyday now. Please let his boss pay him all week and not -2 days. Thank you because Gilbert has contacted me twice and because he added me back on MySpace and because he hasn't deleted me. Please don't let him delete me from his MySpace page, MySpace im, or yahoo its our only source of communication while he's away please let him keep me added and add me back on Facebook please let him call me soon I wish I could hear hid voice each day. Please restore our relationship keep him safe in Afghanistan bring him home safe and sound so we can get married like we planned please remind him of the love we share and let us have another chance please restore our relationship I beg YOU also please be with my sister let the baby be ok. And healthy Please let my parents be understanding and supportive. I pray also you keep not only my family and Gilbert's family safe but keep Gilbert and I and everyone we know away from temptation keep Gilbert and I faithful to eachother and everyone faithful to you and our caught stronger. I pray for Ana and Juan, Enid and john and everyone who needs you. Virgin Mary, virgin of talpa, St Anthony and all the saints Thank you for all the blessings you've helped me obtain I pray you continue ministering in my behalf again restore my relationship with Gilbert let all my tests results come back normal please help me get rid of the bacteria infection with amoxilin since its what the Dr prescribed even though it seem to be he didn't know please let Gilbert contacted me soon and apologize for the message in may and the accusation, fight whatever we can call the conversation we had last Friday please let him want to wok things out may we work it all out take away whatever fears worries about the future whatever it is remind him/us you Will always provide I know it sounds childish don't let him delete me, block or ignore me from hid MySpace page mySpace IM and yahoo let him put me as #1 again and fully restore our relationship don't forget to br with my sister and all those who need you including desi and isolated, and that lady from dt&d I can't recall her name in Jesus holy name I pray may your work be done always amen

by praying for a second chance

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Thank yih girl fixing my webcam so I didn't have to buy another this month Please let Gilbert and I see eachother on Can soon like before in Jesus holy name I pray may your work be fine always amen

praying for a second chance | on Jul 10, 2010

I understand that you love Gilbert buy don't make him your God! I don't know the situation, but I hope that it all works out according to God's will! Never settle for less! Be blessed!

mslhart77 | on Jul 10, 2010

How bless Gilbert is. You r a great christan woman & he is so blessed to have a relationship with u. I am married, & offer my wife all the attention possible, yet she still has an affair I cannot get her to let go of. I pray 4 u & Gilbert. Please add me & my wife 2 your prayers.

prayer friend | on Jul 10, 2010

I pray God restores your marriage and your wife turns her way around in Jesus name I pray amen

And thank you praying for us I appreciate it

praying for a second chance | on Jul 15, 2010

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