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Dear Lord,
Please help guid us in what we need to do to make my step daughters real father leave us alone. Lord I love her and she calls me daddy and he is a horrible person he has pulled a gun out on me and told us that he would kill us and take our daughter. That was over a year ago and now he says he wants to be part of her life now that she is almost 4 and wasn't even there the day she was born. We don't want him in her life she has met him and she is scared of him and with good reason he is a horrible horrible person and we just want him to leave us alone so please lord help us and show us what we need to do so I can stop being mad and I don't want to do something I would regret an so he will stop scaring my wife and our little girl. I ask this in Jesus name amen

by believingisnowhere

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Keep trusting and believing in God, it will all work out in the end. I have been in a similar situation, except my sons father threaten my mom and me. I kept praying, one thing u have to remember anger but sinneth not. You have to leave it in God's hands, that means don't dwell on it. You have to be strong and lean on him you are the head of the household and your family is depending on you. I will pray God gives you the peace/patience/strength to go through. Start thanking him for what he has already done. May God forever bless and keep you and your family and remember I love you. God said,"when 2 are gathered in my name, I will be in the mist".

An Angel Sent By God | on Jul 09, 2010


sinner | on Jul 09, 2010

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