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Since ive recommited to yhu papa, im thankful for the person ur molding me to be. I love more ppl and im slow to talk , unless im really upset. Even if im not constanly verbally preching bout yhu, my actions, n body language shw it all. N ppl can tell. Ty papa. Yhu know whats goin on n its bothering me alot .. her n im afriad of the unknow, hwever i do trust me .. but sumtimes my human nature of lack of understanding gets to me. Plez help me wit that. Lord today things got really out of control with jay. Like why is she still around .. ? I try stay away frm sin as much as possssssible .. i dont party , drink, hangout , .. i have no life but yhu n my job .. yet she still roamin in my life 1200 miles away n i still fall into sin bc of all the fightin n knockin. Im sorry for that. I truly am. Plez just remove her frm my life. I dont need her. She doesnt need me. Nor her love is sumthing ur plezed with. Why keep her around. I dont love her or know her. Like come on .. remove her in the name of jesus. Im fed up papa. Yhu know what goes on more than i do i lay my joy n love and hope and burdans and pains on ur feet bc im urs. The good n bad of me i give to yhu bc yhu give n take away. Im lookin foward to goin to church this sunday. I love yhu papa. In jesus name amen.


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