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If someone loves you, they will try their hardest to push you to good things to lift you up, and try to take all your burdens away. They will comfort you from any pain and any sadness. Lord My heart is full of aches and pain and I cannot handle this much more, I have no support here I have no loved ones in this town, I believe in you and your love and your promises to come, I have endured all the pain given to me and have accepted it now as your follower, but you have called us to do your will and sorround ourselves with people who shout your name, Lord I am in this Place that brings my spirits down, I die to this home, no one here adores like I do, no one here Is glad to live another day and everyone here suffers in their own deep depression. I dont know what to do, but to go home, I am going to go bacl where I belong now that I have found you, I can conquer what scared me for years, now that I have forgiven I can bring those people to you. Lord I am sorry for failing you and time again because I am a sinner but my love for you out pours out of me. People know it. Lord help me go back home :"( I have no money and no job, no support! Lord please help find a way back, I am crying out to you Lord, this is not where I belong, I dont need to die here of misery with others. This is certainly not the plans you had for me, but the selfish misunderstood self, this was my will and look at me now, but through this pain I have always endured this pain because you sacraficed blood and divinity for me. Please Lord give me nothing but strength to over come this. In Jesus Beloved Name Amen.......

by Lzrc 87

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Sometimes pain is a good thing. Hid always pits challenges into our life to help us get closer to him. But thankfully they sent challenges that we can't make through. They just gradually get harder. And as that happens. Our relationship with Jesus gets stronger if you trust inhim and Yale him as your savior. Just remember that. ;)

J3ZU5|=R34K | on Jul 08, 2010

Oh and the thing with the strength. Has god not already put you in a situation to use the strength? Has he not already givin you the strength? All yiu have to do is use it. (same person as above:])

J3ZU5|=R34K | on Jul 08, 2010

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