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Father when is it going to be my turn to be blessed with a wife? All my cousins are married most of my friends Lord next month I will be 30 and it gets me down sometimes that I'm still alone. I see and hear these beautiful woman that are Christians that would rather stress than be blessed.. why is it that they serve you and expect a Christian man but that looks like a Hot movie actor ? I guess like they say nice guys finish last , I am tired of having to always play that friendship role , as well hearing there someone out there for me don't worry... I don't worry it just frustrates waiting and I even have co-workers who bug me to do eHarmony and they say I don't put myself out there ... Lord just keep giving me the strenght and
Patience to wait for my heaven sent for whom I am meant , my gem so rare my answered prayer...
In Jesus name Amen...


by Daniel in San Jose California

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You will bless someone and be blessed in return, the reward for the faithful is great!

Anoah33 | on Jul 08, 2010

Thank you Anoah33 .. May God bless you in every area of your life ...

Daniel in San Jose California | on Jul 08, 2010

Daniel, it is hard in life being patient for our Heavenly Father to reveal to us who that special someone is that we are meant to be with, however let me assure you it is worth the wait. One of my friends is experiencing the same issues as you are at the moment and she also gets frustrated from Christian men who seem only interested in model girlfriends / future wife material and act like she is great to spend time with but only ever as a friend. The Lord understands exactly where you are at and He knows the woman of your dreams, the one who is meant to be for you and will think the world of you. Some girls may act as though they are only interested in movie star boyfriends/ husbands but the reality is that most of them would love a nice guy who truly adored them and vice versa. The girls who truly are that shallow and only into looks are not marriage material and certainly not someone you want to waste your time pining over. The love that God created to last a lifetime between a man and a woman is a pure love that nothing else compares to. Be encouraged God is in control, He knows your desires and will be faithful. Trust in Him and you will be truly amazed. God Bless You x

L23 | on Jul 08, 2010

Thank you your words are a real blessing to me and uplift my spirit

Daniel in San Jose California | on Jul 08, 2010

You will be blessed with the love u seek when u least expect it God will work it out just trust and believe.

Carla B. | on Jul 12, 2010

Thank you Carla B. It's just hard to be patient sometimes but I know he has someone for me ... May God bless you always :)

Daniel in San Jose California | on Jul 12, 2010

Hi daniel. God hears your prayers and he will help you but you need to meet him half way. Your coworkers are right, you need to be out there more and mingle and when you least expect it, it will happen for you and you will be blessed. I have been following your prayers for some time now and i enjoy reading what you always pray about. I wish you nothing but faith and love. God bless.

Cynthia - La Mirada, Ca. | on Jul 27, 2010

Thank you Cynthia gives me more hope to hear encouraging words like yours.. God Bless you as well always you and your Familia :)

Twitter: DannyBoy408 | on Jul 29, 2010

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