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God idk if i wanna be with someone or not. Idk if ill be better off with sumone or do better alone. Yhu know my situation n yet i havent felt any conviction to stop talkin to her. But i know its not meant to be. I know that much n it wont ever work. Shes still around for ah reason and i dont wanna question yhu .. i know yhu will plant it in my heart in the future. Honestly dealing with her is frustrating bc of all thats happend in the past n whats still going on. Yhu know more than me the truth .. i always told her she wud be the last female im ever with .. n i wasnt kiddin. I have no eyes for dudes at the moment. I cud tell yhu if ah guy is attractive but the same thing goes for females. But i dont have eyes or a strong attraction to either sex. Ha.! Im asexual :) im like ah plant. :p i just ask if its ur will for me to be with sumone .. let that person know yhu or want to know yhu. Let them be sumone plesant to look at .. n sumone fairly educated .. sumone humble and sumone hw has goals n plans .. sumone who will love me for me .. n for my heart n my mind n who thinks im cute hehe (: someone who will want to get to know me .. n know me all the way.

I pray in the name of jesus that i do get into the chrisitian uni n finish by the time im 25. Hopefully sooner. I dont wanna play with skool anymore. I did drop my math class bc ive been working full time n i cant do skool work together .. im not that smart or motivated. Blah.

Jesus guide me. I love yhu papa.


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I just wanted to tell you that Jesus loves you and he has a plan! Stay true to his values and he will make himself known to you

Anoah33 | on Jul 08, 2010

Thank yhu .. He is doing it already. God is always at work for those who are thrisy. Ty :)

BONDiN W JESUS. | on Jul 09, 2010

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