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Papa, WHATEVER is Ur will for meeee, guide me into iht. Make it happen , open the doors, so i can walk right in .. Lord yhu know my heart n i need to thank yhu for blessin me with ur LOVE. UR love is endless n i trust ur promise. Even doe im afriad of whats on the other side bc of lack of understandin but i trust yhu. Nothing is worth losing yhu. And i look foward to spendin the rest of my life knowin yhu n living ur plan for me. Bc i cudnt do it better even if i tried. Im sorry for all my sins. Whatever yhu dun like in me, n JESUS NAME .. change it, change me. Im so thankful ppl dha know me in person see my positive lovin attitude .. ty for all these spirital blessings. The blessin of the holy spirit. The blessin of peace in my heart, comfort. Trust. The blessing of knowing ur always hea n my sins have beeen paid for at the cross. Blessing of lovin others. Others that wont give me anything in return. Hwever forgive me to flippin towards ppl that knock me n judge me and think they better than me. As ah human it makes me feel bad but spiritally i know ur all dha counts. In jesus name amen.


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