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God thank u for our life & health God right now I feel so help less & worth less I still haven't been able 2 find a job 2 feed & provide for my family I dont even have $ to put food in tha table im behind on all my bills how will I pay tha rent we are close to loosing everything & going homeless we have no where 2 go I am a terrible husband & father can't even provide for my own family my kids & wife need deserve someone better than me what can I do please God help me find a job, if ive done something wrong to deserve this please just punish me ... my wife & kids deserve better than me I love them so much they need better sometimes I wish I could just hold you & just cry pleeeeeeessss help me get them out of this . I love u amen in tha name of Jesus Christ amen

by servant of the lord

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In the name if Jesus I touch and agree with you in you'd prayers. Keep your head up. Keep your focus ion God. He will provide and take care if you and your family. I'm a living witness of this. He knows your heart. You are going through a process and have to pass the test. Stay strong, encouraged and walking in the spirit of God.

God\'s Child | on Jul 07, 2010

God is good! God is with you now n he is holding you and comforting you. God said no matter what you are going through or hard it get just keep ur faith in thee n stay standing on his words n standing in the blood. Do this and all things will come to past. The battle is mines said the lord it is not your fight. Give god praise even now. He never gives us more than what we can bare. You are a child of god n as your faith grows your sistuation will past n your reward will be great. And know that just because you are going through this that it means god don't love you or he gave up on you because its not true he is just preparing you for your blessing. If u go through this than when you receive your blessing you will appreaciate it. When god bless u don't turn your back on him because u have your reward because it can be taking away. Praise him in the good and bad for god is a god of mercy,love,patient,forgiveness n love. Satian I rebuke you from this family ,from their home,situations n I demand you in the name of the father,son n holy spirit to flee from them,father you said once a man is reborn n believe with all their being than you will bless them ,father bless this family forgive them for their sins the knowing n unknowing.father bring peace to them n send them a financial breakthrough ,keep them out of the way of satins path help them,guide them,protect them n lead them home dear lord. Right now we thank you and give you all the glory n all the praise for you alone are we send up this prayer to u father rain down your blessing on this family in the name of your holy son AMEN........... ms.debra sumbry

Anonymous | on Jul 07, 2010

I hope and pray that the Lord answer your prayers very soon
Keep your head up, stay bless, and don't give up

God can do it all ...

christlene | on Jul 07, 2010

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