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God I'm 20 years old and not living the life I thought I would be. I was supposed to be joining the military these past few weeks but I found out that I was 5 & 1/2 months pregnant three weeks ago. I had no symptoms, no signs, no sudden changes or anything so my life has changed tremendously in lesser than a month. I know i havent been including u in my plans which may be why things havent been working out for me at all. I need yor guidance and light to show me which way u want me to go and which way to follow. Im not indenial at all because everything that has happened has been a consequence of something i have done. I stand before u asking for your forgiveness of all my sins and ask that u step back into my life. I realize that my plans cnt work alone so i think its time i follow yours. I dnt know where they may take me or where i'll end up but im sure i'll be fine and happier than ever. I'll never question u or doubt u because I know that u know wats best for me. I know the military isn't a dead end. You're just tellin me that right now isn't the time for me to go. I thank you for this blessing you've given me as in my child and I know I'll be a great mother especially with the unconditional support from all my family. My mother is the strongest woman I know and I couldn't be doing this without her. I pray that u come back into my life with open arms and give me another chance because I refuse to give up. In your name I pray amen.

by Anonymous

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Amen to your prayer. I hope that you will include God and His will for you in your life. I also hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Stay strong and faithful.
Love Amanda.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Jul 06, 2010

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