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Dear Heavenly Father, I am having a rough morning! I am grieving over the divorce from the love of my life. My heart is sad. I have tears in my eyes. My will to go on is low. Dear Lord Jesus be with me and comfort me for I am weak and I so need your strength! In your Son, Jesus Christ, name I pray. Amen

by Wildcat

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God is with you he will never leave you nor forsake you he is with you till the end. People fail and let us down everyday but God never does .. Keep your Faith and your head held high ..

Anonymous | on Jul 06, 2010

Wildcat, I'm sorry you are having a rough morning, and I pray that God will give you comfort at this very moment and bring you through it, this time and every time. He hears your prayers and knows your pain. I can testify that in His time you will be able to move on.

Sandy | on Jul 06, 2010

Allow ur father to carry you through the storm, and just remember that everything that is place in our lives is God's perfect plan. He loves u and that's all u need to keep going in life. Be happy through the times of trial, for is God that has a better result in things.

God\'s AnGel | on Jul 06, 2010

Please know although you are in pain over your divorce, you have given me hope for my marriage. I have not divorced my husband because I think he may be repentant and hurt as you do although he does not express it. I know I would be sad too as I am sure your wife is. She is still your wife in God's eyes and I know she probably still spends many nights crying. Especially when she is away from her son. She did not choose to be in this situation and I'm sure she still loves you. I still love my husband, but my pain clouds my mind sometimes. I ruminate on what he did and sometimes the pain seems unbearable. But I read all the prayers of those who have cheated or who were cheated on and I realize I have an opportunity whereas others may not. My husband has given me a choice. He wants to work things out and has offered to spend the rest of his life making it up to me. I know I hurt right now but I pray in time love will take up the space where the pain is. I read your prayers and my heart melts. It softens a little thinking maybe my husband is saying the same prayers. So please know through your pain you are providing me with hope. I am praying for you and your family. No matter what your wife says or does, please hold strong in your faith and walk with God. Allow the holy spirit to work through you. She will see the Lord through you and after she realizes her pain will heal and you are truly a changed man, she will come back. | on Jul 07, 2010

How awesome! Thanks for sharing your heart and your pain. It gives us all hope!

Sandy | on Jul 08, 2010

Yes, thank you! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I am so greatful that through my prayers and pain that God has given you strenght! Thank you so much you don't know what that means to me!

Wildcat | on Jul 08, 2010

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